Illmuth Wealvur

Illmeth is white, fat, has blue eyes and balding brown hair. Always has a messy 5 o'clock shadow.


He is a drunkard and sullen. Unpleasant to most, stinks of booze.


Ilmeth Waelvur operates a cheaper alternative to Thelorn’s Safe
Journeys, making and selling replacement wheels and
axles for wagons. The workshop is a cluttered, untidy
shed surrounded by dozens of wagons shrouded in
worn canvas tarpaulins. A crudely hand-lettered sign
over the wide main door proclaims this to be “Waelvur’s
Wagonworks.” Ilmeth spends most of his time repairing
wagons and making heavy-duty wagons and sledges for
the local quarries.

Inside, half a dozen wagons stand in various stages of
assembly, surrounded by stools, ladders, and benches.
Wooden pillars support a loft that is an open latticework
of boards, serving as home to some birds and storage
for scores of wooden wagon wheels. Ilmeth employs
half a dozen laborers who drink heavily as they work.
Everything here is far messier but far cheaper than

Wealvur was caught in the shifting stones plot. He broke down crying and confessed everything, implicating all involved.

Illmuth Wealvur

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