Haeleeya Hanadroum

Haeleeya is Tytherian. She's average build, average height, dusky skin, long brown hair and brown eyes.


Originally from Amn, Haeleeya Hanadroum operates a bathhouse
and dress shop in her large, well-appointed home.
Half-barrels planted with aromatic herbs and flowers
flank the entrance, and the windows are decorated
with flower-filled window boxes. Inside is a tidy room
that functions as a dressmaker’s shop and fitting room.
Beyond two sets of doors are bathing chambers that
emanate pleasant smells and warm dampness.
Unlike Tarnlar’s down the street, Haeleeya’s caters
to local women seeking dresses for special occasions;
she makes few garments for men. The bathhouse is a
steadier business, since many of the older women of
Red Larch visit the baths regularly to trade gossip.


Haeleeya Hanadroum

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