Eldras Tantur

Blacksmith In Red Larch. Brown, Curly short hair. Flat face.


He is a Tumari Blacksmith. Tall, Broad, Strong.

  • Eldras* Tantur has been Red Larch’s
    blacksmith for a decade and a half and has taken only a
    handful of days off work in all that time. Eldras and his
    children—a strapping son and two strong daughters—
    are skilled smiths who can make almost anything that
    requires no specialized alloys or treatments. They can
    temper swords and reinforce armor, and they often
    repair tools and weapons.

The Tanturs rarely emerge from their smithy. They
work all day long every day filling endless orders for
hasps, hinges, locks, and chains, plus hardware for
wagons such as cotter pins, bolt rings, wheel rims, and
wheel hubs

Eldras Tantur

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